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Meetings Programme 2020-21

After our successful online trial in September, CVAHS are launching the 2020-21 talks season. Under normal circumstances we would meet at Chesham Town Hall, but this season all sessions will be held as Zoom meetings. 

Friday, 16th October 2020

Unfinished Business       Jill Hender and Marion Wells, CVAHS Projects Group 

Many interesting archaeological digs are never written up and published. CVAHS are working to correct this and will report on three we are currently working on: A rescue dig on the site of Brill Magistrates’ Court; Two excavations and field walking nearly 40 years ago on the route of the planned M25; A dig at Bierton near Aylesbury, a site with remains from the Bronze Age through to Early Medieval.

Friday 20th November 2020

Charles Dawson: Piltdown and his other Hoaxes         Andy McGrandle, Director of Big Anomaly, and Lidar Expert

This is the story of a man so desperate for academic recognition that he routinely faked his archaeological finds in order to supply the “crucial” artefact to the academic world. Piltdown Man in 1912 was his most famous hoax, but recent work has brought to light 31 other fake artefacts that he presented to learned societies and museums during his lifetime and there are probably more out there.

Friday 22nd January 2021

The Vikings - An Introduction      Mike Farley, Archaeologist, Author, and Vice President of Bucks Archaeological Society

This talk will describe the inhabitants of all three Scandinavian countries from the eighth century AD to the eleventh. It covers a period during which, with the aid of a fine range of seaworthy vessels Scandinavians were to achieve what was in effect an ‘empire’.

Friday 19th Febuary 2021

Facial Reconstruction - Science or Art?      Martin Weaver, Forensic Archaeologist

Martin will take us through the history of facial reconstruction and the procedure for reconstructing a face from skeletal remains. He will cover how we model the soft tissue parts of the face that don't directly correspond to the skull – is this art or science? Martin will also talk about the differences between archaeological and forensic reconstructions, and touch on the state of computerised facial reconstruction today.

Friday 19th March 2021

HS2 Archaeology Update   Jay Carver, Fusion

Jay is the Lead Archaeologist for the HS2 Phase  1 rail scheme and will describe the work and discoveries made since his last talk to CVAHS in February 2020.

Friday 16th April 2021

AGM and President's Talk

Our Annual General Meeting will be followed by Julian Hunt’s final talk as President of the Society - 'High Wycombe's Rise to Prosperity'.

The AGM is for CVAHS members only, and will start at 7.30pm, followed by The President’s Talk at 8.00pm.  This is an earlier start than usual for our evening talks.   

Julian Hunt’s talk at 8pm is open to all, and we will also be joined by Cholesbury-cum-St Leonards Local History Group so we will see a few new faces.  


Registration To make the registration process for online talks easier, we will automatically invite all those who regularly receive our emails. So if, for instance, you received the email sent by Birgitta on Tuesday 29th September, you will automatically receive a meeting invitation with a Zoom link early in the week prior to the talk. Log in to these Zoom meertings will start at 7.45, with the talk starting at 8pm, except for the AGM as described above.

Individuals not receiving CVAHS emails, are welcome to take part. Please use the Contact Us section of this website to send us your name, email address and the talk you are interested in. You will then receive a Zoom invitation link shortly before the talk.


Archaeology Field Group Programme 2021

Unfortunately, the Covid 19 situation means that all field work has been suspended for now. We hope to resume sometime during 2021, and details will be published here when known, and also emailed to CVAHS members who have expressed an interest in field work.

Participants in all digs must be CVAHS members. If you are interested, but not yet a member, please contact CVAHS via this web site to confirm details of how to participate.

On our digs, we welcome people with experience and also novices - training in survey, excavation and recording techniques is given. For those who find digging difficult, there is valuable work to do on post-excavation cleaning, analysis and recording of finds.

Excavating a medieval ditch at Chesham Bois House
Medieval pottery fragments from the ditch and examples of complete pots